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Sustainability in fashion

To kickstart our Sustainability Tuesday series, I thought we’d start off by answering a few questions. There’s no doubt a lot of work remains to be done in numerous spheres of our lives, and not just around our fashion consumption, in order for us to recognise environmental neutrality from the impact that our daily lives have on the planet. However, an old adage goes … Read More Sustainability in fashion


Sustainability Tuesdays

Sustainability, ethical, eco-conscious… All buzzwords, or a tangible, actionable environmental promise? Part of our brand mission is to provide you with conscious childrenswear, hopefully making it a lot more convenient for you to continue making environemntally-friendly and sustainable choices. As we contribute to the effort of building responsible businesses that put the welfare of our planet for the benefit of future generations, we will … Read More Sustainability Tuesdays


Top 5 sustainable and eco-conscious swaps we’re making around the house

We have a no-shoe policy in our house. Socks, slippers and any other shoes dedicated for indoor use are welcome, but not much else. And there’s one big reason for this: we’re always having to ask “what’s in your mouth?!”. With a toddler bent on picking up and eating anything and everything on the floor, and licking every imaginable surface, we’re quite conscious of … Read More Top 5 sustainable and eco-conscious swaps we’re making around the house