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Baby’s first Christmas

It’s my first year as a mother, and something feels a little different for me this Christmas. I always knew that I wanted to create new traditions that my children will get to grow up with and take with them into adulthood as little comfort blankets. I knew when the time came that I’d be hellbent on creating those memories for them and that I’d pour my very essence into making this time happy and enchanting. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this year, for my son’s first Christmas, I’ve thought less about gifts and more about experiences. He’s too little to really understand it all of course. But that hasn’t stopped him from tugging at the Christmas...

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The 4th trimester as a new mum

So you forgot? Hopefully no one’s even noticed... It’s the first day that you’ve ventured outside of the house with the baby, and you’ve brought with you everything you could remember, and the kitchen sink too. You just never know what you might need. Besides, all you need to do is survive for an hour max, and this will all have been a massive achievement. Considering it’s taken you three hours to bundle the baby, yourself, and said kitchen sink and accompanying 20 nappies out of the house and into the car, the fact that you’re here, sat at a coffee shop, savouring a decaf, non-dairy DOUBLE latte, really is quite something. Well done mumma, you're acing this whole 4th...

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