Have you ever wondered why we’ve chosen the humble snowdrop to feature in our brand?

A humble flower, first to rear it’s head amidst the snow covered February grounds, a sign of rebirth, of hope. Heralding the beginning of the end of the long hard winter, and the promise of sunnier days ahead. Long before the daffodils can delight and enchant us, the snowdrop had given us hope.

I have found myself asking the question lately: when was I at my strongest? And looking back, it was when I thought I was at my weakest. The fairer sex, for all our delicate nature, are a true force to be reckoned with. And much like the snowdrop, unassuming and without fanfare, we take up our rightful space with very little necessary to thrive. If you have ever gone through childbirth, you’ll understand when I leave you with the song by Jennifer Berezan “Returning”.

May you hope. May we all hope; for our constant rebirth is within us all, and a lot more within reach than we imagine.

With all my love, Kate

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