Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. What a time to be alive where something so important no longer carries stigma and there is active advocacy for everyone. It got me thinking about the spectrum of mental health issues, and how at every point in our lives, one way or the other, we are to some degree affected or know someone who is.

Winston Churchill is famously attributed with the saying “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”. Often times, the succession of failures can seem unrelenting, and in those moments despair can become common place. A human condition we all struggle with from time to time.

So this week, with a few action steps taken and an inch more progress made towards launching, I’m going to take the time and give a brief thank you for the reserves of courage and strength to get up and get things done when it all feels too heavy.

For a little motivation to help us all stand in the integrity of our being, I leave you with the song of the week: This is me, The Greatest Showman. May you stand, may I stand, may we all stand in the assurance and validity of our being and dreams.

With all my love, Kate.

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