Welcome to Coeur et Maman, thank you for joining us today. If you had an opportunity to write your own bio, how would it read? What do you want to be known for?

That’s a tough one. I want to be remembered as a woman who was after God’s heart. A woman who fulfilled her purpose on earth and enriched the lives of those that crossed paths with her.

What is the best part about the town you live in, and why have you chosen to call it home?

I live in Cape Town, what’s not to love about Cape Town? The beaches, mountains, wine farms…an outdoor lifestyle that easily promotes the much needed “work-life balance”.

What does a typical weekend day look like for you, and if you had to make it into an ideal day, what would you do?

Weekends mean that there is no pre-school so it’s really all about getting the kids out and about, and trying to avoid anything that can trigger the dreaded tantrums!
An ideal weekend would be filled with lots of sleep, good food and nature walks. Maybe binge watching a Netflix series as well!

What would you say is the best advice you received when starting out or during the course of your career or business venture?

One of my mentors gave me valuable advice early in my career to be very strict with how I schedule my time and having boundaries. Make time for work, family and yourself, and be present.

What does motherhood mean to you, and what are your thoughts on the current society’s attitude towards women’s decisions to be or not be mothers?

Motherhood has been life changing for me. It has stripped me of all I know, and is honestly the hardest and most fulfilling journey I have ever been on. I had my eldest when I was 29 and my 2nd at 32. I would say that I thought I was ready, but nothing can ever prepare you for what’s coming.
Deciding whether or not to be a mother is one of the most important and personal decisions one can make. So any judgment on whether to be a mother or not is completely unwarranted and just plain sexist in my humble view.

If you could choose one trailblazing woman to be your mentor, who would it be?

There are so many that I could choose, but my mother still stands out as the ultimate mentor and role model to me. She is filled with so much wisdom, and is able to tell me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. She truly has shaped me in so many ways and I am so grateful that God chose her to be my mother.

Is there a book, work of art or other creative product that has had the most influence on you, helped you make it through a difficult or uncertain time or pushed you towards achieving your goals?

The Holy Bible is my go to, and it’s always anchored me through my most difficult times and reminds me that I am on this earth for a bigger purpose.

I’ve also read many other books, one that stands out for me is a book by Gary Chapman entitled “The 5 Love Languages”, it truly made a difference in those early days in my marriage!

Have you taken any brave action of late? Change, or our dreams, can often times feel scary, what’s your go-to approach for dealing with fear?

The bravest action I’ve ever taken was deciding to be a mother. Whoah! 🙂 My go-to approach when dealing with fear is to pray and talk to those who have been there before me. It’s amazing how much weight is lifted when you know that you are not alone in a journey.

If you had one hope for the future, what would it be?

That my children will equate happiness with success. We live in a world that promotes the idea that riches equals success, and I don’t want them getting caught up with that. I truly hope we model true success for them.

And lastly, what piece of advice would you give your 23 year old self?

“Baby girl, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The best is yet to come, hang in there and give it your best shot!”

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