Welcome to Coeur et Maman, thank you for joining us today. If you had an opportunity to write your own bio, how would it read? What do you want to be known for?

I would like to be known as a passionate mother, sister, daughter and friend who loved God and people, who raised the most wholesome, loving, lovable and kind human beings who love God, themselves, others and life and use their passion and gifting to make the world a better place for all.

What is the best part about the town you live in, and why have you chosen to call it home?

I love that it’s halfway to everywhere and there’s lots of places where I can take the kids for a good energy busting outing totally knocks them out by the time we get home, so I can also have an interrupted nap myself or just some quiet time. But the absolute best part of all and the reason why I chose to live here is that my amazing sister lives just down the road from me. She’s the ultimate deputy mom extraordinaire, and I don’t know what I will do when we move far apart from each other.

What does a typical weekend day look like for you, and if you had to make it into an ideal day, what would you do?

Weekends are awesome. On an ideal Saturday we usually have what my three year old fondly calls “the big breakfast!”. So the perfect Saturday mornings are when we feast and lazy about a bit. Then it’s off to an adventure, either a day at the bicycle park, zoo our favorite restaurants. Our options are limited now due to only outdoor places but it’s good because it forces me to actively try to discover new places.

The perfect Sunday is a chilled out one, where I can sleep in until hunger forces me out of bed or until the boys start wondering if I am still alive and come jumping on me. I always try to make sure we have a Bible discussion, a time for reflecting together on the week that was and a conversation on how the children think we can all be better human beings.

We used to like playing board games with my 9 year old on Friday evenings but it’s become an impossible task with his younger siblings toppling the whole thing upside down.

What would you say is the best advice you received when starting out or during the course of your career or business venture?

Always give it your best shot, and don’t measure today’s best with yesterday’s ruler. Every day is different so celebrate today’s victories today.

What does motherhood mean to you, and what are your thoughts on the current society’s attitude towards women’s decisions to be or not be mothers?

Motherhood is a gift that I cherish with everything I have. It means being able to impact generations upon generations to come through my words, my actions and choices.

[…] it would be silly for someone in a mathematics course to judge someone in a literacy course for not being interested in a calculus assignment.

Sometimes motherhood chooses you and surprises you with a pregnancy that you choose to keep. Sometimes you choose motherhood through which ever process is best for your situation and there are so many different but equally special processes these days. So there’s some degree of human control through choice, but ultimately I believe motherhood is a devine assignment.

I believe we all have our own unique devine assignments which are equally important but serve a unique purpose to humanity; therefore, not everyone is assigned to motherhood, there are no grounds for judging .

I kinda of see it like this: Life is like a university, we all choose different courses and it would be silly for someone in a mathematics course to judge someone in a literacy course for not being interested in a calculus assignment.

If you could choose one trailblazing woman to be your mentor, who would it be?

I believe that each woman around me is a trailblazer in some aspect of their life, so I always look to my inner circle for inspiration. They are relatable to me because I know their weaknesses and challenges, so when I see the phenomenal things they are able to accomplish inspite of their normalness I’m inspired to dream a little bolder.

Is there a book, work of art or other creative product that has had the most influence on you, helped you make it through a difficult or uncertain time or pushed you towards achieving your goals?

The Bible has been such a phenomenal book for me. It’s shaped my world view and helped me to look at life through the lense of love.

Have you taken any brave action of late? Change, or our dreams, can often times feel scary, what’s your go-to approach for dealing with fear?

Yes I have, just started a new incredibly demanding job with three children: a pre-teen; a preschooler and an infant, that’s pretty daring right? So far I can still remember all my children’s names, so it’s going well I guess and work has been so fulfilling. But fear has always been a constant threat to my dreams. I have to constantly tell myself that if God has opened a door for me He will allow me to thrive in the room he has allowed me to enter.

If you had one hope for the future, what would it be?

I hope for a world where we don’t love with our eyes but love with our hearts. A world where each life is equally valued.

And lastly, what piece of advice would you give your 23 year old self?

Always be kind to yourself, be mindful of what you say to yourself and others because your words have creative power and literally create the world in your mind.

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