Posting a gratitude journal on a Friday has meant that quite unintentionally, my weeks now “begin” on a Saturday. A rather lovely thing at that – no concept of blue Mondays over here!

This week’s selection of lovely memories include music, a little App here, a chance to dream, and developing a little self-affirmation to help deal with challenging moments.

I may get it, I may not get it, but I have dared to dream.


The weekend started off with the ever legendary Bruce Springsteen helping me get out of a funny mood. With a bit of a somber song – Racing in the Street, I allowed myself the integrity of my feelings, acknowledged them, sat with them, and cracked on with the day. They are a bit of an early start these days with a toddler insisting on a 5:30am wake up.

When the week mellowed out and the soul craved more romance and nourishing, I settled down to the music of The Maestro, Ennio Morricone.


I’ve recently learned of the App, “I am“, from the over gorgeous Sammi Maria . And I will admit, it has been heaven! This is a gratitude journal on the go, with the ability to set up your own intentions or follow the lead with the readily available ones.

New Beginnings

By far, the highlight of this week has been the rebirth of an ability to dream, to hope, to be positive and to have the courage to go for my dreams. When presented with an opportunity at work I gave myself permission to believe it a possibility that it could come to fruition, so I interviewed for the promotion. I may get it, I may not get it, but I have dared to dream (something I had become a little gun-shy about after a series of what I can only describe as unfortunate events). This was also a brilliant opportunity to showcase my skills to a new team and a new department head, one very different to the previous head, which is a blessing.

Women Financial Empowerment

I had the pleasure this week of bumping into a series of interviews on women’s financial health by UBS’s vice chairwoman Paula Polito. A wonderful reminder for women to always be in the driving seat of their finances. I especially liked how she distilled the financial needs into 3 key categories: Liquidity, Long-term planning and Legacy. UBS has pulled together a wealth of knowledge and resources on women’s worth in one place, it is well worth a look.

Quote of the week

A little help for when life unexpectantly throws things our way that may test even the patience of a saint: remember to breath, notice how you feel, acknowledge your frustration and recognise that you have a choice. You can choose how to respond – through a tantrum, or provide a calculated response that is in keeping with the integrity of the amazing woman you are becoming.

Thank you for joining me in this week’s gratitude journal.

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